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Chief Ministers Youth Centres Program Launched in collaboration with Govt of Meghalaya.

In a first-of-its-kind project in the region, rural communities of Meghalaya to have access to self-designed open learning spaces.

Shillong, June 23, 2022.

Sauramandala Foundation in partnership with Project DEFY and with support from the Government of of Meghalaya today flagged off the Chief Minister’s Youth Centre Project.

This partnership will allow rural communities in Meghalaya access open learning spaces. Under this initiative, 20 CMYCs will be set up across 5 districts of Meghalaya. The project's focus is to reach some of the remotest rural communities.

Each CMYC will be comprised of 2 components- a NOOK- a self-designed learning space equipped with tinkering tools like electrical, carpentry, and welding tools in addition to computers and a community library. The centres will cater to community members across all age groups and interests.

“Our aim is to provide the community with a platform to explore. Here they will have the freedom to decide what and how they want to learn. We want to limit our roles to only being facilitators in the process,”

says Nagakarthik MP, Founder, Sauramandala Foundation.

“The idea for the 20 Chief Minister’s Youth Centres came after the success of our initial 2 pilot labs in Sohrarim and Nongwah villages under the banner of Salesforce Trailblazer Labs. We saw good response from the communities. The learners came up with innovative projects like handmade soaps, foldable tables, transformable gowns etc, individually conceptualized and prototyped by the youth. The response from the communities was motivating to us and pushed us to this stage”

Today marked the start of a 15-day induction period for the newly formed team. Each Youth Centre will be operated by a team of 3 individuals- an Innovation Fellow, a Community Fellow and a Library Fellow. Cluster and State level teams have been formed to support and guide the on-field fellows.

Induction began with a tea ceremony, after which everyone had a chance to introduce themselves and set the tone for the rest of the program.


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