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Chief Minister's Youth Centres

Addressing: 'Lack of open learning spaces in rural Meghalaya'


Centres across Meghalaya


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The CMYC project plans to set up 20 open learning spaces across rural Meghalaya to provide the youth with a platform to develop innovation, problem-solving and design skills. These are free-to-access open learning spaces, within the rural communities equipped with tools, activities and resources to have meaningful engagement with the communities. The centres are envisioned to be a space for peer-led, self-learning to explore and learn beyond a school-prescribed curriculum and become a space where innovation, aspiration, passion and problem-solving are nurtured for the youth. The goal of these centres is to serve as a focal point for community involvement, utilizing developmental tools like art, sports, and libraries.

The CMYC project is a scale-up from the two Trailblazer Community Labs piloted in Sohrarim and Nongwah in Meghalaya, with support from Salesforce. Following up on the success of these two centres, the Government of Meghalaya, with support from Sauramandala Foundation and Project DEFY, plans to set up 20 such open learning spaces in rural locations across Meghalaya, under the banner of Chief Minister’s Youth Centres.


Who is it for?

Early learners ( 6 - 10 years)

Gaps: Inadequate pedagogy

Gain: Creative and peer learning

College students & employable youth

Gaps: Limited opportunities

Gain: Access to learning, skilling, and entrepreneurship opportunities

School going children ( 10 - 16 years)

Gaps: Limited exposure to technology

Gain: Guided self-learning process

Village community

(SHGs, artisans, producers)

Gaps: Limited exposure and know-how

Gain: Handholding through access to technology, connect with experts and problem-solving

Project Partners





A Self-directed learning space where children, youth and adults discover their own learning journeys in an creative community environment. Open to learners of all ages to design their learning journeys. Know more about NOOKs here.



The CMYCs also aim to become a hub for organized sports activities with an aim of contributing towards the development of social skills like teamwork, communication etc.  In addition to traditional sports, the CMYCs are offering a variety of competitive sports like Ultimate Frisbee, Chess, and Football to cater to the diverse interests of young people



Libraries serve as an inclusive space for rural communities, providing access and freedom to explore, discover, and empower oneself through a plethora of capacity-building and literacy-enhancing activities.



Art is a powerful medium for social development as it can help individuals develop creativity, self-expression, and empathy. Through participation in artistic activities like painting, music, dance, and theatre the program aims to provide an outlet for individuals to express their emotions, thoughts, and ideas in a safe and supportive environment.

Where our CMYCs are

The first phase of the CMYC project has established 20 centres in 8 districts throughout Meghalaya, catering to over 100 villages.

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