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Lead- Knowledge Management and Learning - SMF Core


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About the Role

About the position

As the Lead for Knowledge Management and Learning, you will be responsible for developing and implementing strategies to capture, organise, and disseminate knowledge within and outside the organisation (with partner NGOs). Your role will involve creating a culture of continuous learning and knowledge sharing to enhance productivity, efficiency, and innovation. You will collaborate with various teams and stakeholders to ensure that knowledge assets are effectively managed and accessible to all relevant parties and also bring in new strategies to capture tacit knowledge generated over time.

What will you do as the Lead- Knowledge Management & Learning?

  • Develop and implement a comprehensive knowledge management strategy aligned with the organisation's goals and objectives.

  • Identify and establish knowledge sharing platforms, tools, and methodologies to facilitate seamless knowledge transfer and collaboration.

  • Identify areas of improvement in knowledge sharing and implement solutions to enhance organisational learning.

  • Collaborate with various teams to encourage cross-functional learning and foster a collaborative environment.

  • Oversee the creation, curation, and organisation of high-quality content, including articles, whitepapers, presentations, multimedia materials and social media content (videos etc).

  • Ensure that all content is accurate, up-to-date, and accessible to the intended audience through appropriate channels.

  • Devise and execute internal and external communication strategies to enhance the DFS program brand reputation and visibility.

  • Facilitate knowledge-sharing sessions, workshops, and training programs to promote a culture of continuous learning and knowledge exchange.

  • Implement performance metrics and analytics to measure the effectiveness of knowledge management and learning initiatives.

  • Identify training needs and develop learning initiatives to address skill gaps and improve employee performance.

  • Collaborate with HR and L&D teams to implement effective learning programs and monitor their impact.

  • Evaluate and implement knowledge management tools and technologies to streamline information sharing and retrieval processes.

  • Ensure the successful adoption and integration of knowledge management platforms.Understand the scenario of entrepreneurship in the allocated block

  • Conduct surveys, discussions etc, to gather data

  • Design surveys, PRA tools etc, for data collection

  • Analysis of the data

  • Identify gaps and problem statements

  • Conduct periodic workshops and community events where issues are discussed

  • Design solutions based on identified problem statements

  • Co-design solutions with communities and through partnerships with other organisations & agencies

  • Implement pilots

  • Iterate and build based on pilot results

  • Co-create business plans and models

  • Prepare schedules, budgets, proposals, work plans etc, as required

  • Provide handholding support to entrepreneurs

  • Conduct need assessments

  • Support the entrepreneurs in supply & value chain management, market linkages, and branding & marketing.

  • Organise events such as workshops, skill sessions, or new experiences relevant to the capacity building of the entrepreneurs.

  • Capacity Building & Skilling

  • Communicate with the fellowship team on the requirement of any capacity-building support,

  • Consult with on-boarded experts and other relevant stakeholders on planned projects,

  • Share learnings & insights from the field with co-fellows, associates & core fellowship team.

  • Communication,  Reporting & Operations

  • Provide reports to the fellowship team as instructed,

  • Attend review workshops/ team meetings and brainstorming sessions as and when communicated by the fellowship team

  • Share insights and reports with government line departments as needed,

  • Provide communication collaterals like  case stories/ photographs & footage from the field as asked by the fellowship team,

  • Support the fellowship team in arranging for field visits of funders/ project partners or other relevant stakeholders as communicated to.


The following are the minimum eligibility criteria for the position:

  • Bachelor's degree in a relevant field; a Master's degree and public health experience is an added bonus.

  • Proven experience in knowledge management, organisational learning, or a related field.

  • Strong understanding of knowledge management principles, techniques, and best practices.

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing.

  • Demonstrated leadership capabilities to lead and motivate teams towards a common vision.

  • Analytical mindset with the ability to track and interpret data to inform decision-making and develop knowledge tools accordingly.

  • Proficiency in using knowledge management tools and technologies.

  • Strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities are a must.

  • Experience in project management and change management is desirable.

  • High level of adaptability and flexibility to thrive in a dynamic work environment.

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