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Lead- Community Engagement - CMYC


Job Type


About the Role

About CM Youth Center:

The Government of Meghalaya, in partnership with Sauramandala Foundation and Project DEFY, has established 22 rural SDL (Self directed learning) centres for youth, called the Chief Minister's Youth Center with an aim to build resilience, sustainability, and problem solving skills in the next generation of the community. The youth centres are also to be established to bridge the digital divide with the

help of innovation and entrepreneurship skills by providing access to the internet along with open learning opportunities. The main features of the centre is a Nook (SDL space), a library and a sports program. The learning is open to all ages to have more involvement from the community.

About the Role:

The Community Engagement Lead is critical in developing and maintaining positive relationships between an organisation and its key stakeholders. This position focuses on understanding community needs, fostering engagement, and implementing initiatives that promote co creation, collaboration and social impact. The community lead will play a pivotal role in organising and coordinating community activities, events, and programs to engage & strengthen the community. The focus will be on creating opportunities for community members to come together, fostering social connections & promoting a sense of belonging. They must work closely with internal teams, community members, stakeholders, and partners to achieve the organisation's mission and objectives.

Key Responsibilities

  • Program Development & Implementation

  1.  Design, Coordinate and facilitate community gatherings, circles, initiatives to gather input, promote participation and share information from time to time.

  2. Work Closely with teams across CMYC centres & partners to design and implement community engagement initiatives

  3. Ensure that the programs and initiatives across CMYC’s align with the community needs, cultural sensitivities and the purpose & SDL values of the space.

  4. Collaborate with various stakeholders to gain insights and ensure community perspectives are considered in program development.

  5. Plan communities visits from time to time for direct feedback and engagement

  6. Build initiatives based on the values of the respective communities to manifest stronger bonding & collective action

  • Community Engagement & Partner Collaborations

  1. Develop a comprehensive community outreach & engagement strategy aligned with the projects values & goals

  2. Establish and nurture meaningful relationships with community leaders, residents, partner organisations, local schools, youth space & internal teams

  3. Develop a detailed communication plan to keep all the key stakeholders informed, engaged in all the activities & developments\

  4. Create a calendar of activities with timelines and budgets across all the partners to ensure seamless execution across CMYC centers

  5. Enable field teams to come up with initiatives / ideas and support them in community engagement practices

  • Budget Management

  1. Develop and manage budgets for community based activities, ensuring are allocated effectively and optimally utilised

  2. Monitor & analyse expenses to ensure adherence to financial guidelines followed by the organisation

  3. Maintain overall finance tracker related to community engagement activities

  • Activity Evaluation & Reporting

  1. Monitor & evaluate the success and impact of community activities through participant feedbacks, surveys & other assessment tools

  2. Analyse feedback to identify areas of improvement & make recommendations for future activities

  3. Prepare reports and presentations on activity outcomes, participation, and community feedback for internal and external stakeholders.

  4. Coordinate with communications teams to share stories from the ground

  • Skills and Traits

  1. Ability to engage and interact with communities keeping in mind cultural sensitivities

  2. Ability to design programs

  3. Invite & include communities and team in designing and planning

  4. Good communication skills with ability to write well and articulate ideas, concepts and programs to a diverse audience & the team members.

  5. Ability to notice patterns and opportunities and act on them accordingly

  6. Proactively identify gaps and opportunities and create responsive solutions around them

  7. Good at building relationships and leadership through co-creation and empathy

  8. Build the motivation and moral of the team through constant communication and sharing of outcomes

  9. Recognizing and appreciating the achievements of team members

  10. Proficient in using Office tools & Digital communication tools

  11. Enjoys extended travelling

  12. Should have resilience and ability to adapt and respond to changing scenarios emerging on field 

  13. Deep sense of ownership of responsibilities and should have accountability.


  • A minimum of 2 years of hands on direct experience in rural community development / building / engagement (Priority will be given to someone with experience in North East / Meghalaya)

  • Experience in working with teams of minimum 10 people with different roles both in person and on field.

  • In program design and leading implementation across multiple initiatives at the same time

  • Should have experience in writing comprehensive reports on programs implemented

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