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Sports & Arts for Development- Chief Minister's Youth Centres, Meghalaya

About the Project Partners

  1. About SMF : We are an NGO founded in 2018. Sauramandala addresses the challenges faced by remote and inaccessible communities by accelerating social and economical change through collaborative action. We cater to remote and inaccessible communities with specific solutions pertaining to the needs of the people.

  2. About Project DEFY:  Project DEFY is a non-profit based out of Bangalore, India that has been working in the sector of self-design learning through learning spaces called ‘Nooks’. The the organisation works globally facilitating the setting up of ‘Nooks’ in communities hit by marginalisation and keen on creating their own learning systems.

About the Project
The Government of Meghalaya aims to establish 20 rural innovation centres for youth, called the Chief Minister's Youth Center intending to build resilience, sustainability, and problem-solving skills in the next generation of the community. The youth centres are also to be established to bridge the digital divide with the help of innovation and entrepreneurship skills by providing access to the internet and open learning opportunities. The main features of the centre would be a maker space(Nook), a library and a learning centre that would provide hands-on learning experiences as well as avenues to explore further vocational skills. The learning is going to be open to all ages to have more involvement from the community.

The ‘Sports and Arts for Development’ aspect of the CMYC focuses on using Sports and Arts to achieve crucial outcomes for rural communities, such as education & learning, health, livelihoods, social inclusion etc.

Sports and Arts can also play a crucial role in developing personalities, especially in children and youth. These can contribute to developing much more than physical health. It can help in building characters and developing creative & strategic thinking and building social skills.

The purpose of this project is to identify social problems and solve them by utilizing sports and arts as tools.

Organized sports and art activities are expected to provide Developmental, Emotional and Social benefits to our partner communities

The importance of building partnerships is crucial in this stage. We at Sauramandala believe in the power of collaboration and codesign. This can be seen in the first component of the CMYC, which resulted from our partnership with Project DEFY.

Scope of Work

The scope of this project entails:

  1. Co-designing, Implementation & Execution

  • To become a partner of the Chief Minister’s Youth Centre Project in Meghalaya

  • To localize and contextualize solutions through co-designing with Sauramandala Foundation and its partner communities.

  • To develop detailed on-ground activities, implementation strategy, timeline, milestones, outputs and outcomes

  • To plan and execute community mobilization and awareness activities

  • To enhance the capacity of individuals from the community and program team, associated with the project.

  1. Documentation & Reporting

  • Monthly progress report submission

  • Financial reporting as agreed during the MoU signing process

  • Periodic report writing and submission, develop skills of the program personnel as required

Submission Guidelines & Requirements

The following submissions and guidelines apply to this Request for Proposal

  1. Organizations or individuals who have prior experience working on similar projects and the focussed domain area are requested to submit proposals.

  2. Applicants must include details of the projects that are substantially similar to this project as part of their response.

  3. A technical proposal must be submitted with not more than 7 pages. This technical proposal must provide a detailed overview of the proposed solution/ intervention. It should provide previous work,  proposed outcomes, schedule and milestone, as well as resources currently available and that, needs to be developed.

  4. The technical proposal should also provide clarity on the expected budget as planned/needed to execute the proposed solution.

  5. The proposal must include details on the standard terms and conditions, all subject to negotiations, duly signed by an authorized team member/ individual.

  6. Proposals must be received prior to 20/10/2022 date

  7. Proposals must remain valid for a period of 120 days

  8. Both for-profit and non-profit organizations can submit proposals. For a non-profit organization, it will be mandatory to provide the 12A & 80G certificates and other compliance related documents.

Terms of Evaluation

The proposals will be rated and evaluated based on the following factors:

  1. Responsiveness to the requirements set forth in this Request for Proposal

  2. Relevant past experience/ performance

  3. Samples of work

  4. Technical expertise/ experience of team

  5. Cost of implementation

RFP and Project Timelines

The Request for Proposal timeline is as follows:

  • Request for Proposal  Issuance: 26th of September 2022

  • Selection of Potential Partner: 4th Week of October 2022

  • Start of Negotiation: 1st Week of November 2022

  • Contract/ MoU signing: 4th Week of November 2022

How to Submit

The proposals are to be duly signed and submitted to

The proposal should be accompanied by other relevant documents as included in the Submission Guidelines & Requirements section.

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